What are the most attractive places in Taiwan?

2005-12-02Well, Taiwan is very famous for its beautiful places which are ready to offer you the most fascinating landscape and charming architecture along with natural volcano and railway station having a stunning sea view. So, here are some places which are listed below.

As per my friend who is Accountant National City and was been there last year, Lungteng Bridge is one of the old railways which was used to connect people of one city to other city in early 1900s but it was left broken after a tremendous earthquake in 1999 and It was substituted by a new bridge. The remaining parts of this bridge are still erected in Sanyi Town and every year in April, this bridge is covered by beautiful white tung flowers which make it worth seeing.

Secondly, Yehliu Geo Park is one of the well known parks having the rocks which are really a natural wonder. As going through the various geological processes such as rock weathering and wave erosion, it has become a rare landscape. This Geo park is divided into three parts such as the first part is consisted of mushrooms rocks and ginger rocks, second part is a place of dragonite and diamond and the third zone is consisted of a sea erosion landscape.

In addition to it, Duo-liang Station is managed by Taiwan Railways Administration and it has become the most famous railway stop in Taimali town. It is has ocean, mountains, bushes and very beautiful scenery which are enough to make it worth seeing.

Double Heart Of Stacked Stones, which is also known as the Twin Heart Fish Strap is a beautiful preserved strap found in Penghu country. It is in made in double heart shape and surrounded by rocky bank foils and clear water which maintain the charm of beauty.

Why you should not miss a visit to Luxembourg?

IMG_7293Well, Luxembourg is small but it offers a lot of worth seeing places and a visit to these places will be a pleasant surprise for you.Here is a  list of some places which must be visited.

When i asked a friend of mine from Luxembourg and was working at Baltimore Plumbing Companies. He said that first of all are going to talk about the villages, mountains and forests found in this small country of Europe.Here,you don’t need to waste your a lot of time by traveling in buses and trains because it is very easy to see the beautiful spots in a short time due to their closeness to each other.So,you will find here the chance to see small but beautiful villages with their own traditions along with fascinating mountains and dark fields. 

Secondly, to travel in Luxembourg is quite easy and affordable. You will have to spend only 18 euro’s per day to see the wide range of sights in public transport. There are many options here to stay such as affordable hotels and camping is also a cheap option for you. Here,you will also find many inexpensive pubs. 

In addition to it,this small country is very beautiful and fascinating as a picture.The presence of flower fields,romantic villages, amazing castles and attractive valleys make it a just perfect place to visit.  

Furthermore,it is a perfect place to visit for active people and sports lovers. The activities such as cycling,running and hiking are popular and perfect due to good conditions of road. The Multilateral region,specially,offers a large number of options for outdoor activities.                                                                                                              

Luxembourg is also very famous for it’s International restaurants. It’s wine is also a plus point which makes it popular among visitors and locals.                                                       

So, the above mentioned things are clearly showing that you should not miss a visit to Luxembourg.

What are the festivals in Pakistan you must attend?

Navroz-FestivalI worked with a freelancer who was basically from Pakistan. He was working with me for a Health insurance in Florida. I asked him various question about Pakistani festivals and he told me that Pakistan is rich in culture and all the things which you want,whether it is art or literature.It is also full of beauty and if you want to attend the festivals held in Pakistan,then you must attend these festivals which are listed here.        

Summer festival which is held in Swat every year is very interesting for those who are sports lovers and adventurous.Here,you can have fun through different kind of activities like having a boat ride and other water activities along with camping and a plenty of games.

Secondly, Bassant event is celebrated in spring season in mid February.On this day,people fly kites,have parties and a lot of enjoyment with a flood of lights and music and the sky looks like covered with blanket of kites of different colors,shapes and sizes.This festival continues without discrimination of day and night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

In addition to it,Shandur polo festival is in held in one of the largest ground known as Shandur. This festival is really for sports lovers. In this festival teams of Chitral and Gilgit take part in polo tournament.Moreover,other activities here,are music,different folk performances and fishing.If you have plan to visit Pakistan in July,then you must attend this festival.                                                                         

Furthermore, Mela Chiraghan is held in Lahore at the shrine of famous saint near the Shalimar Gardens and it remains for one week.The whole area around the shrine is decorated with different kinds of colored lights and this is the reason for which it has got name as Mela Chiraghan.                                                                        

 If you are interested to see the Islamic culture,then you should visit Pakistan during Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Azha which are celebrated for three days. So, you should attend the above mentioned festivals held in Pakistan to know how rich in culture Pakistan is.

Which are the most beautiful Paradise Islands to visit in Asia?

koh-tao-island-5-beautiful-tropical-islands-in-Thailand-3While talking about Asian Islands the most fascinating things are clear water, sand beaches , lush green grass and palm trees. Asian islands are very close to being heaven on the earth. Now we are going to explore Asian islands in our discussion.

Macleod island, Myanmar located in the mergui archipelago in myanmar’s coast. My friend at miami roofing just told me that This island is mostly untouched and it is full of the natural beauty. On this island, there is only one resort the Myanmar Andaman Resort. It is very feasible spot for diving and the spot which is rich in beauty just like a paradise.

Palawan is an island which is found in Philippines. It offers lush green forests, beautiful beaches that attract the nature lovers. The famous activities on this island are diving and snorkeling. Another island located in Philippines is Cebu Island. There are beautiful resorts in this island at high end but some modest resorts are also found in Southern and Northern fishing villages such as Moalboal for those who are looking for more adventurous trip.

Akajima Island is situated in Japan. It specially become very popular in summer for tourists for its beautiful beaches. Here, tourists can visit a Ryukyuan heritage house. Jeju Island is found in South Korea is a very popular island for visitors. The beaches of this island are great mixture of yellow and grey sand.

Baros Island is located in Maldives and it offers Baros luxury hotel. THe beaches here are peaceful which offer the perfect place for relaxation. You can enjoy the sunny day having sun bath. The facilities offered here are spa treatment and also morning yoga classes.

A Best Travel Destination Guide

gettyimages-525508231-1The travel business is growing large and the amount of visitors per year are also rising, this can be mostly happening because of larger exposure to the sector.  As told by my friend during a meeting at Pest Control Dyersberg there are millions of travelers each year that swap the locations, cultures, customs, foods and being the part of some festivals. There are numerous resources online that offer excellent information regarding distinct traveling areas in the kind of Travel destination guide, they may be readily accessible online and totally free of cost. You can find websites that offer you in-depth explanation of the areas you’re intending to see. The exceptionally treasured Travel destination guide are composed by professionals and the professional travel writers whose only purpose would be to give you the upgrades of the nations they might have lately seen.


The vast expanse has caused many a business opportunities for the people that have an interest in travel sector. Some exceptionally called Travel destination guide sites supply you such in-depth information and services they can do all the legal formalities and groundwork for one to see that area, that contains the visas, resort bookings, free stay, information on food, weather forecasts and bunches of other such things. The travel guides are useful for the people particularly for those people who are traveling to such areas for the 1st time. The most significant destinations which can be extensively seen by individuals around the world are Australia, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, Indian subcontinent, Far East Asia, Central America, Caribbean and south pacific areas.


Some Travel destination guide offers you exceptional set of tips regarding the skills and culture of the area, outside experiences, cruise, theme parks, beach and water sports, road trips, winter sports and many other tips.