Which are the most beautiful Paradise Islands to visit in Asia?

koh-tao-island-5-beautiful-tropical-islands-in-Thailand-3While talking about Asian Islands the most fascinating things are clear water, sand beaches , lush green grass and palm trees. Asian islands are very close to being heaven on the earth. Now we are going to explore Asian islands in our discussion.

Macleod island, Myanmar located in the mergui archipelago in myanmar’s coast. My friend at miami roofing just told me that This island is mostly untouched and it is full of the natural beauty. On this island, there is only one resort the Myanmar Andaman Resort. It is very feasible spot for diving and the spot which is rich in beauty just like a paradise.

Palawan is an island which is found in Philippines. It offers lush green forests, beautiful beaches that attract the nature lovers. The famous activities on this island are diving and snorkeling. Another island located in Philippines is Cebu Island. There are beautiful resorts in this island at high end but some modest resorts are also found in Southern and Northern fishing villages such as Moalboal for those who are looking for more adventurous trip.

Akajima Island is situated in Japan. It specially become very popular in summer for tourists for its beautiful beaches. Here, tourists can visit a Ryukyuan heritage house. Jeju Island is found in South Korea is a very popular island for visitors. The beaches of this island are great mixture of yellow and grey sand.

Baros Island is located in Maldives and it offers Baros luxury hotel. THe beaches here are peaceful which offer the perfect place for relaxation. You can enjoy the sunny day having sun bath. The facilities offered here are spa treatment and also morning yoga classes.