What are the most attractive places in Taiwan?

2005-12-02Well, Taiwan is very famous for its beautiful places which are ready to offer you the most fascinating landscape and charming architecture along with natural volcano and railway station having a stunning sea view. So, here are some places which are listed below.

As per my friend who is Accountant National City and was been there last year,Ā Lungteng Bridge is one of the old railways which was used to connect people of one city to other city in early 1900s but it was left broken after a tremendous earthquake in 1999 and It was substituted by a new bridge. The remaining parts of this bridge are still erected in Sanyi Town and every year in April, this bridge is covered by beautiful white tung flowers which make it worth seeing.

Secondly, Yehliu Geo Park is one of the well known parks having the rocks which are really a natural wonder. As going through the various geological processes such as rock weathering and wave erosion, it has become a rare landscape. This Geo park is divided into three parts such as the first part is consisted of mushrooms rocks and ginger rocks, second part is a place of dragonite and diamond and the third zone is consisted of a sea erosion landscape.

In addition to it, Duo-liang Station is managed by Taiwan Railways Administration and it has become the most famous railway stop in Taimali town. It is has ocean, mountains, bushes and very beautiful scenery which are enough to make it worth seeing.

Double Heart Of Stacked Stones, which is also known as the Twin Heart Fish Strap is a beautiful preserved strap found in Penghu country. It is in made in double heart shape and surrounded by rocky bank foils and clear water which maintain the charm of beauty.